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Book Review: The Prince Who Fell From the Sky by John Claude Bemis

4 Jun

Book cover for The Prince Who Fell From the Sky by John Claude BemisTitle: The Prince Who Fell From the Sky

Author: John Claude Bemis

Genre: Middle Grade, Post-apocalyptic 

Publisher: Random House 

Release date: May 22, 2012

Source: NetGalley

Summary: In Casseomae’s world, the wolves rule the Forest, and the Forest is everywhere. The animals tell stories of the Skinless Ones, whose cities and roads once covered the earth, but the Skinless disappeared long ago. 

Casseomae is content to live alone, apart from the other bears in her tribe, until one of the ancients’ sky vehicles crashes to the ground, and from it emerges a Skinless One, a child. Rather than turn him over to the wolves, Casseomae chooses to protect this human cub, to find someplace safe for him to live. But where among the animals will a human child be safe? And is Casseomae threatening the safety of the Forest and all its tribes by protecting him?

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