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Excuse Me While I Fangirl: RIP Merlin

26 Nov

Like all fans of the AWESOME tv show, Merlin, I was super sad last night when I saw the news that this season–currently airing in the UK, but coming to SyFy here in the states in January–is going to be the last one. WAAAAAHHHH!!! So sad! This just means that I’m going to have high hopes when new episodes start here for something EPIC and MIND-BLOWING.

In honor of our fearless king and his wizard, as well as my abiding love of superheros, I found these pics of Arthur, Merlin, Morgana, and the rest of the major knights photoshopped all artsy-fartsy as The Avengers. The only blemish is that they couldn’t find an Avenger counterpart for Guinevere. Alas.

Happy trails to you, friends. Keep fighting the good fight.

Sir Percival as Thor

Sir Elyan as the Hulk

Sir Leon as Hawkeye

Sir Gwaine as Iron Man

Morgana as Black Widow

King Arthur as Captain America

Merlin as Loki

*I have no actual idea where these images came from initially, but I found them (in these sizes, unfortunately) on Tumblr.