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Happy Christmas!

25 Dec

santa iron throne


Boom. Santa is a badass. I KNEW IT.

I hope you all are having wonderful holidays with your family and friends. It’s important to remember the following: All diets are suspended until January 1. If you attempt to save the wrapping paper from any of your gifts for reuse, your family is allowed–nay, OBLIGATED–to have a little laugh at your expense (I have a relative who does this, no lie. Anyone else?). There is nothing wrong with hoping that the majority of your gifts are books. Relatedly, if any of you receive money this holiday, I will join you in plotting how you might best spend said dough on books.

In all seriousness, friends, I hope your Christmas, or whatever holiday you and your family celebrates this time of year, is (or was) a time of much happiness and fun and laughing and good times, and I hope you made wonderful memories. Muah! (How exactly does one spell that kissing sound? Mwah? I never know. At any rate, xoxoxo to everyone!) See you all in the new year!!



22 Nov

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