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Merry Happy!

25 Dec

HAPPY HOLIDAYS, MY LOVELIES! It’s our first Christmas together and I’m EXCITED for us to enjoy ourselves and be happy and jolly (this is my favorite Christmas word)! I feel like our first Christmas is going to be quiet, though, and cozy and snuggly and wonderful. Maybe next Christmas we’ll have EVERYONE over and it will be huge and crowded and crazy and we’ll drink too much and GET LOUD. But this year, it’s just us and a cup of cocoa and a nice fire and lots of good books to read. I like that kind of Christmas, too, and I’m BEYOND happy and thankful that you are sharing it with me, in whatever small way you can manage.

This blog is kind of like my Christmas gift to myself, because I love what I’m blogging about and I love talking to you all about books and I’m having such a great time with you all! Probably NEXT Christmas my gift to myself will be two weeks OFF from my blog because it’s driving me BONKERS, but let’s not be cynical on Christmas, hmm?

So ENJOY YOURSELVES and be safe and happy this holiday. And read lots of good stuff so we can talk about it soon! Love youuuuuu!

PS. Some quick business: No IMM this week; any goodies I got this week will be in NEXT week’s IMM. I’m going to try and get lots of reviews up this week, though, so keep your eyeballs open for ’em! Mwah!


Hello dears!

29 Oct

First post!! I’m both excited and nervous. And having odd feelings about who I think I am to be blogging about my opinions, as if other people might read them ever and actually care a little bit about them….Aaaaaaannnnnnddd I’m over it. 🙂 Sort of. But I think that one of my favorite things about YA literature is not just the books themselves, which are so honest, creative, and thought-provoking, but the communities. The communities of writers, bloggers, readers, librarians, teachers, all mingling together, talking to each other, learning from each other, and always spreading the word about how YA books are tremendous. Of all the things I’m feeling about the start of my blog, I’m also feeling eager to meet people and gush or gripe over books together. It’s going to be great.

So I wish for this blog to be a place where I can set down my thoughts on the books I read and the books I want to read and any other ridiculata about books or being bookish or being a librarian or being a nerd I can think of. But we’ll go with the flow, too. Anything goes! So if sometimes I feel like I need to vent a little about something else, I’ll trust my blog and those brave souls who read her to vent with me and accept me like an old, dear friend. You know, the best kind. And I hope that my blog and I will be the same kind of friend to you all, too. Mostly, though, my posts are going to be about what I love and have loved for so long: the books. Reviews, discussion of issues in young adult literature, books that are coming soon, books that come from large publishers and small, probably some memes, hopefully someday soon author reviews and contests, all of it. So, starting soon it’ll be a book love-fest here! It’ll be fantastic, fun, (hopefully!) thought-provoking, and humorous. Welcome, friends!

I hope that you’ll bear with me as a I get everything set up and moving along. I’m so excited to be here with you all!! Until I speak to you again, though, here’s a great quote I found about starting something new. I love it. (I love quotes, btw, and you’ll probably see lots of them here, just because I think they’re wonderful!)

“I watch out my window as the planes take off into space. Oh, that I could fly away and start fresh. But I must realize that fresh starts also come in the pretty wrapped gift called ‘tomorrow.’” –unknown