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Excuse Me While I Fangirl: Game of Thrones DVD

6 Mar

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BIG DAY at Amy’s house today, friends. Big day. I’m even wearing my House Stark shirt in celebration and honor (because, in the end, the Starks are always right. Winter Is Coming). I can’t describe to you how HARD I nerd Game of Thrones, both the TV show and the books on which it is based. So when I first found out the release date of the TV show’s first season on DVD, I preordered that shizz. And, friends, the DVDs arrived in the mail today.

Because HBO is BOSS and because the world of ASoIaF is so vibrant and fully imagined, there’s all manner of teeny awesome things about the DVDs (and one SUPER COOL thing that is nergasm-worthy. To me, anyway). And because I have nowhere else to fly my nerd flag, you guys are just going to have to indulge me a few images and some mild-to-obscene gushing. If you don’t mind. Ok? I THANK YOU in advance. (Also, you can click on any of the images to enbiggen them!)

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Excuse Me While I Fangirl: Fantasy World

30 Jan

Sigh. This makes me so happy. First of all, look at all these amazing, imaginative places that I LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! Second of all, it’s a MAP. I am a nerd about maps. Terabithia? And Where the Wild Things Are? *happy dance* Also, Sodor! What up, Thomas the Tank Engine! Fantasy is AMAZING, guys.

Excuse Me While I Fangirl

12 Dec

So. Game of Thrones. Let me just get this out of the way: I am a NERD about it. I follow all the websites, although I’m too chicken to post anything; I throw my books around in sadness/anger/fear/complete and utter emotional devastation and denial; I theorize on who Jon Snow’s mother is and complain that it’s been FIVE BOOKS and we still haven’t met Howland Reed. Whew. Reign it in, Amy! What I want to say is, it’s SO SATISFYING to see a book series as awesome as A Song of Ice and Fire made into such a geek-tastic TV show. And it’s a fantasy! Huzzah! It’s literally one of the best shows on TV, but AS ALWAYS, the books are even better. Since I’m all caught up with the books, though, I have nothing to do now but troll message boards, check websites, and monitor the filming of the show’s second season, which is coming in APRIL 2012. AHHH!! I wish April was tomorrow!

Thankfully, HBO has decided to give us fans an early Christmas present: the first season 2 trailer that actually contains real footage. You guys, I MADE LOTS OF NOISE when I saw that this was released. Plus, it was the only bit of goodness that I could find last night in the immediate aftermath of Once Upon A Time. It literally turned my frown upside-down. And because I don’t have anyone else to share this with, I wanted to post it here so that I can announce my fandom proudly–on the internet, at least–in the hopes that some of you guys will do a little happy dance too. Perfect pick me up for a Monday, no? Winter is Coming? NOT ANYMORE because Cold Winds Are Rising instead. BANANAS!