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Bookish Goodies: The Bookmark Edition

22 Sep

Wherefore art thou, bookmark?

Guys, I am in full-on crisis mode over here. Remember a little while ago when I confessed that I have a bookmarking scheme? It’s not really elaborate but it works for me and I’ve been adhering to it for awhile. Anyway, last weekend I MAJORLY cleaned the premises and last night when I went looking for my secondary bookmark I COULDN’T FIND IT. I looked again this morning and no dice. It’s missing. In the midst of my freak-out, I decided to check out Etsy for some bookmarkish goodness. AND HOW. There’s super creative people over there, friends, and I thought I’d share some of my favorite finds with you.

From Ozzy and Lulu‘s shop

So Ozzy and Lulu have some awesome quote bookmarks. This one, from Lord of the Rings, is one of my FAVORITE quotes ever. But they also have quotes from THE PERKS OF BEING A WALLFLOWER, a YOLO bookmark, and a few others. They’re all really sharp. I love the different fonts they use.

I have a big weakness for bookmarks that are woven or made from something other than paper. I’m not a huge fan of metal bookmarks because I’m always afraid that they’ll rip something, and I think that the string bookmarks are too flimsy, but I LOVE these. I love the colors, too. Such pretty details.

From leatherandcopper‘s shop

I LOVE LOVE LOVE leather feather bookmarks. I just think they’re so cool.These look particularly awesome. Not as big a fan of the black ones, but I do like that reddish brown feather. So rustic.

From byvikINK‘s shop

Ok, so THESE BOOKMARKS I totally want. I’m probably going to buy them just because. First of all, I love this idea of a traveling bookmark. But second–and most important–of all, THEY LOOK LIKE LIBRARY CARDS. I’m dying right now. I love this retro library thing. Big fan of these.

From LaceAmour‘s shop

Isn’t this cool-looking? I love the curlycues and the texture. So pretty. And there are a few of these in different colors: yellow, pink and white, light brown. Very pretty.

From MesaDreams shop

Ah, leather. I’m sensing a pattern here because I’ve got two leather bookmarks on here already, and my primary bookmark is leather, too. But this one is fun because it’s so skinny! And I love the pattern on it.

From bethydesign‘s shop

OMG MERLIN. So ok. This designer makes a TON of these bookmarks–the two arms go over the page, and the body goes behind it so it’s kind of like a paper paperclip–in different characters. There’s Morgana, the Doctor, Sherlock, Harry Potter. All AWESOME. But these are my faves. Look at them! Arthur, Merlin, and Gwen, looking so perfect I can’t even deal.

From CastleOnTheHill‘s shop

Jane Austen characters drawn on book pages. I love the pretty colors, and seriously, these are amazing drawings. I’m not sure who is who, but I think they’re adorable.

There are TONS–literally TONS–of bookmarks on Etsy. Some of them you can even print out yourself, which is cool but sometimes I’m lazy and just want a finished bookmark already. But I think any of these would be a good replacement for my secondary bookmark, although I’m still holding out hope that I’ll find it! What do you guys think?