Review Policy

Review Housekeeping

To start, I just wanted to give you guys some idea of the kinds of reviews I will ideally be posting on this site, as well as the depth and detail I’ll give. Primarily, I will be reading and reviewing YA books of any and all genres–I’m really not picky. Because I see blogging as a perfect opportunity for both the writer (me) and the reader (you and, well, me too) to expand their horizons about new things, I’m going to try my hardest to broaden my reading perspective. Sometimes I might review an adult book that I particularly love or that I think is great for younger readers, because I know there are tons out there (hello! Adult books WERE my YA when I was growing up!).  If you have any questions or issues or want to tear me a new one because I’m not spreading the love enough, drop me a line and let me know. But please do keep in mind that it is always my intention to be wide-ranging in my reading and that I might be focusing on something in particular for a reason with some different material on the horizon. I’d love to hear from you anyway.

In a little bit more review housekeeping, for the time being at least, my summaries are coming from Goodreads. If I ever get a summary from another location–Amazon, the book’s back cover or jacket, or the publisher’s website–credit will be diligently given. I would love to be able to write my own, but as you might soon discover, I have a hard time writing short things! My reviews will tend to be on the longer side in general, although there could always be some exceptions. Also, I’ll say it here and I’ll say it on the posts as well: It’s very difficult on many occasions for me to write reviews without spoiling something, although it will NEVER, EVER be anything major and I will ALWAYS let you know when spoilers are lurking. It would be safe to assume that my reviews will at least include hints or very minor spoilers about the books I’m talking about. I just can’t help it! If I can figure out a way to hide spoilers in my reviews here, I’ll do it. Until that day, though, read at your own discretion. This spoiler warning is especially applicable to books in a series.

One last note about my reviews: As a reader of blogs and reviews, I always appreciate honest, thoughtful discussions of books and I aim to accomplish that here as well. If I love a book, I’ll tell you about it and why. If I didn’t like a book, same deal. Whether I like a book or not, I’ll always be respectful of others’ opinions, and I would ask the same from my readers. No judgment from me. That’s not the kind of place I’m running!

Review Policy

I am currently accepting review requests for YA books of any genre, although I have soft spots for books from the following:

  • Contemporary
  • Paranormal
  • Fantasy
  • Dystopian
  • Historical Fiction
  • Mysteries/Thrillers

I am not often partial to, but will consider every request for:

  • Horror (this includes zombies)
  • Science Fiction
  • Books with deliberate religious overtones

I will occasionally review Middle Grade/Children’s titles.

As stated above, though I am partial to titles from the first list of genres, I will consider all requests. Although I wish I could respond to every request and review every title, unfortunately there isn’t enough time in the day. I would prefer to be contacted by EMAIL, and I will respond to requests via the same. If you send a request and do not hear from me within a reasonable amount of time it either means that I have decided not to review that title, or that I need to check my spam folder. I WILL always respond to requests for titles that I will be accepting for potential review.

At this time, I am accepting both solicited and unsolicited books for review, although, as mentioned earlier, I cannot guarantee that I will review every book sent to me, and books that I request for review will take precedence over any unsolicited titles.

I am not currently accepting self-published books for review.

Reviews for all books will be posted as close to the title’s release date as possible, usually within the month of the book’s release. I will occasionally review books later than that if my schedule demands it.

I LOVE reading books in a series, and many of the books I read are part of a series. However, there are so many out there right now! Therefore, if a series has more than TWO BOOKS currently published and I have not yet read any, I will either have to deny any request to review the new books in that series, or ask you to provide copies of all preceding volumes so I can catch up. (If the latter, ebooks would be more than enough, if they are available, even if the ARC you would be sending me is a hard copy.)

I will accept both ebooks and hard copies for review. I currently have no preference for one over the other, but my preferred format for ebooks is MOBI or PDF or any Kindle-compatible file.

FTC Disclaimer

Lastly, in accordance with the new FTC Guidelines for blogging and endorsements, I want to let everyone know that the books I review on this blog are either sent to me by the publisher, purchased by me, or borrowed from my library or other bloggers. The source of each reviewed book will be noted. All summaries on my blog are from Goodreads unless otherwise noted. Finally, I receive no monetary or other compensation for my reviews.


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