The Legend of Korra Recap: Endgame

27 Jun

Legend of Korra

Season 1, Episode 12

Reminder: I wrote most of these recaps while largely DEAD, and therefore had to use much CAPSLOCKING to resurrect myself. SERIOUSLY. I DIED.


The Setup: IT’S ALL HAPPENING, GUYS. There was absolutely no rest from the action in the second half of the finale, friends. NONE. 

The Breakdown: Jumping right in with a little recap of how Korra and Mako know the truth about Amon, and are on their way to the arena to drop a truth bomb.

But let’s not forget about our fearsome threesome of Bolin, Hoe Cake, and Iroh! We start “Endgame” at Mr. Sato’s airfield. Guys, if the United Forces have any hope at all of saving Republic City, they need to destroy these airplanes, but as they are approaching the hangar, Hoe Cake wonder’s aloud why there are fenceposts but no fence. And then BOOM! ELECTROCUTED. That’s why, kids. It’s a secret electric fence. They are promptly thrown in jail, and it’s not looking good for them.

So that’s at the airfield. Back at the arena, Korra has just spilled the beans about Amon. But OMG WHEN SHE CONFRONTS HIM AT THE RALLY ABOUT HIS IDENTITY, it appears that Tarrlok gave them bad info, because Amon removes his mask to reveal a hideous scar across his face, from when the fire benders allegedly killed his family. The crowd, which had been befuddled and aghast before at Amon’s apparent lies, turns against Korra instead.

Legend of Korra

Freaky Face has a freaky face under that mask!


Meanwhile, back at the airfield jail, Mr. Sato comes in and taunts Bolin, Iroh, and Asami, but not until AFTER he tells Hoe Cake that he believes that one day she will realize the error of her ways and turn against the people who killed her mother. She confronts her dad and tells him that her mother would hate who he has become, which sets him off on a tirade of threats against Commander Bumi’s fleet. That’s right. Mr. Sato intercepted a communication between Iroh and Bumi, and knows where the fleet is hiding. Dire does not even BEGIN to describe it guys. BUT THEN! Naga and Pabu bust in the jail and TEAR down the cell, freeing Bolin, Iroh, and Hoe Cake to go take down some airplanes. NAGA IS A BADASS. Seriously, she saved their asses a BUNCH of times. I love her.

Then, we bounce back to the arena, where needless to say, Korra is terrified and OUTRAGED that Amon has kidnapped Tenzin and his kids, and she goes into full BAMF mode to free them. Also, just in case we forgot that Mako is a gifted bender himself, he continues to show his special gifts by throwing lightening all over the place.

Korra and Mako get Tenzin and the kids free, and they go off to get Pema and Rohan (ROHIRRIM!!!) out of jail, after Meelo’s ADORABLE “PRISON BREAK!!” rallying cry. Korra and Mako hide in the arena’s backstage area as a diversion for them, drawing Amon away into a search for the Avatar.

Legend of Korra


Guys? I WAS NOT CALM THIS WHOLE TIME. Basically from this point until the end of the episode, which is still 20 minutes away in TV time. *DEEP BREATHS* Ok. So. Amon captures Korra and Mako (I KNOW!) backstage at the arena and blood bends them (AHHH!!). GUYS!!! THE TENSION WAS UNBELIEVABLE!!! And then, holy @$&!@. He finds Korra in her hiding place under a table, blood bends her out, then Mako, and then…GAAAH!


OMG. Guys. I can’t even deal. I was SO NOT CALM. THIS WHOLE EPISODE I WAS CRAY. But this was LEGIT bananas. Because it wasn’t a fake out, friends, those little teasers we saw last week, with Amon’s Thumb of Doom hovering over Korra’s forehead. Korra’s bending? GONE. MOTHER EFFING GONE.

After that insanity, we go back to the airfield and the skies above Republic City, where the three good guys go about their mission, earth bending the runways and fire bending the planes. Hoe Cake hops in one of the Mecha tanks and starts using it to beat the CRAP out of the planes still in the hangar. She’s taking out some rage on a plane when her father rolls in, also in a Mecha tank. They argue. He tries to reason with Hoe Cake, but she basically calls out his craziness. Mr. Sato is seriously so far gone that there’s really nothing anyone can do to make him see things differently, so Hoe Cake doesn’t see any other choice. She goes after him, with tears in her eyes, and they fight. GUYS, HE WAS TOTALLY GOING TO TAKE HER OUT. I mean, how terrible, right?

Guys, I know that I call Asami Hoe Cake because I don’t ship her and Mako. But I really do like her, and I especially felt horribly for her at this moment. Because she basically has to call her father a lunatic to his crazy face, and then battle him in one of those robots in a vicious fight. He GOES AFTER HIS OWN KID, guys, with bad intentions. And she has to ATTACK him in order to save herself. It’s heartbreaking and awful, and I have mad props and respect for her. Bolin helps her out a little bit at the end there, and they seem to capture Mr. Sato. So awful.

Ok. I hope you’re not getting whiplash from all the back and forth because BACK AT THE ARENA, KORRA HAS NO BENDING. Mako resists Amon’s blood bending for a sec and shoots a lightening bolt at him, catching him by surprise long enough to grab Korra and run. But Amon catches them, blood bends Mako to his knees, and is about to take HIS bending away, too.

Korra, in her weakened state, sees this and FREAKS OUT. AND THEN SHE AIR BENDS. YESSSS! SHE AIR BENDS, stops Amon from taking Mako’s bending, and blows him the eff right out a window and into the water below, where his scar make-up washes off, and the people see him for who he really is: a water bender, who uses his water bending to escape. Whew. I’m telling y’all. IN.TENSE.

Legend of Korra

I DIE from this tear.

Amon goes back to Air Temple Island, where he visits Tarrlok. They have a little chat about their father, and Amon says that they can leave together now and get a fresh start somewhere. Tarrlok seemed so conflicted when his bro proposed that they go away together and start new somewhere. But he went anyway, and guys? I got a little emotional. The two brothers are on a speedboat, leaving Republic City behind. Amon–Noatak–is driving, and seems to be coming down from his crazy, and looking forward to starting over with his brother, just like old times. He’s clueless and sad and probably overwhelmed, totally trusting that his own BROTHER would do him no harm. But Tarrlok is surrounded by chi-blocker gloves, and it’s like he knows the only way to “put an end to this sad story” is to take Noatak out, and thereby himself as well. I feel like he was plotting this the whole time, guys. But he puts on a glove, and sends an electric shock over the gas tank, and entire boat explodes, presumably killing them both. WOW. Nice little redemption for Tarrlok, guys. Also, INTENSE. LIKE I SAID BEFORE. And a little sad, too. There’s no way Korra and Mako are able to take Amon down without the info Tarrlok gave them. Plus, THAT TEAR. I can’t even deal with the fact that Noatak was crying.

WHEW. So after Commander Bumi shows up in Republic City, now that Iroh, Bolin, and Hoe Cake took out all the airplanes, Team Avatar, Beifong (hey girl!), and Tenizin go to the South Pole to see if Katarra can do anything about Korra’s missing bending. She can’t fix anything, though. Korra still has her air bending, but earth, fire, and water? Gone. Korra runs out of the house, followed by a worried and caring Mako. Who–OMG–CONFESSES HIS LOVE TO KORRA. He doesn’t care that she lost her bending and that she isn’t the Avatar anymore (her worries, not his). She runs away anyway, leaving him a little sad. I DIE A MILLION TIMES.

Naga takes Korra to a cliff, where she sits down, looking at the ocean below, and sobs. Someone approaches her from behind in air bender robes, and she assumes it’s Tenzin. She tells him to go away. But it’s not Tenzin. It’s Aang. He tells Korra that by hitting her lowest point, she has finally connected fully with the spiritual side of being the Avatar, and all the Avatars appear to Korra behind him. He goes into the Avatar state, puts his thumb on her forehead, and restores her bending. And Y’ALL? KORRA GOES AVATAR STATE FOR THE FIRST TIME AND IT IS THE MOTHER EFFING BOMB. FOR REAL.

Legend of Korra


Korra is finally the legit Avatar.

When she finishes, she turns around to see Mako, who followed her and saw her in all her Avatar glory. She jumps on him, and tells him that she loves him, too. SCORE ONE FOR THE SHIPPERS.

Legend of Korra

Ah, young love. SIGH.

So what’s Korra’s first act as full-fledged Avatar, besides planting a big smooch on Mako? Going Avatar state again and restoring Beifong’s bending. HOLY HELL BAGS I LOVE THIS SHOW.

Guys, this ep was CRAY and heavy and intense and so dramatic and obviously the best ever.

The Lines: “I’m so proud of you, Avatar Korra.” –Tenzin

Guys, I LOVED talking Korra with you! LOVED IT. I’m so sad that it’s over! But don’t worry. I’ll find some way to keep the Korra flame alive on my blog! I can’t wait to do it again, HOPEFULLY SOON. Big hugs to you all for stopping by and sharing the love. xoxo


9 Responses to “The Legend of Korra Recap: Endgame”

  1. reutreads June 27, 2012 at 2:33 pm #

    Okay, even though this episode was seriously amazing, it was also totally CRAY. Bryke are geniuses and I usually don’t question them but OMG you can’t just show the last Airbender family captured and not explain how that happened, not to mention that mothereffing Lin Beifong sacrificing her bending was for NAUGHT. Also, Masami NEVER broke up and that was just upsetting. Bolin got NO character development whatsoever and Asami was just kind of being cheated on at the end of the season while still technically Mako’s girlfriend.

    But hello, pros? Asami/Hiroshi fight was so fantastic. Asami is honestly my life. AND TARLOKK AND NOATAK OMG LET ME LOVE THEM. I totally and unabashedly have a thing for anti-heroes, and that scene just destroyed me. Also, HOLLA COMMANDER BUMI!!! I love him and he should have been in ALL THE SCENES. (Also, The Lieutenant and Amon were fantastic together. Basically Ty Lee and Azula except Ty Lee helped actually defeat her.)

    The finale was like, super dark, eh? I personally didn’t think of this but a lot of people said when Korra was on the cliff in the Southern Water Tribe they thought she was thinking about suicide. Which is cray. I also don’t think she mastered the Avatar State, I mean it took Aang three seasons, and even if Korra was bending three elements at six well that’s just silly. Even though old Avatar Aang is SCRUMPTIOUS it was a HUGE deux ex machina/ass pull to have him restore Korra’s bending. I mean, the dude’s a spirit now. It’s a lot like Energybending in Sozin’s Comet.

    And lastly that moment when Mako sees Korra in the Avatar state and he’s like a little scared but he still kisses her even after she rejected him.. oh. That was amazing. It was like in ATLA when Aang goes into the Avatar State and everyone runs but Katara just stays and pulls him down and OHH my Kataang feels.

    P.S. I started an ATLA/LOK tumblr. Yeah, I did. It’s
    P.P.S. I’m going to subscribe to follow up comments if you would like to continue this discussion.

    • trippingbooks June 30, 2012 at 9:41 am #

      Ok, so right off the bat, I have to say, PROPS on the tumblr. I love that shit. I DIED when I saw that one of Azula and Zuko with the quote from Dany Targaryen on it about “I will take what is mine with Fire and Blood.” BOOM! #GoTmeetsAvatar
      I did notice that Bolin was kind of nonexistent, which kind of made me sad because I LOVE Bolin, but at the same time, I’m not sure how much HUGE material they could have given EVERYONE without things being incredibly overwhelming. I guess, in my mind, I knew that this was primarily a show about Korra, so I was glad that we got so much with her. My fingers are crossed for Bolin awesomeness in Season 2!
      And I TOTALLY noticed that Mako and Asami never actually broke up. In fact, I had a line in my first draft of this recap about it but took it out because, believe it or not, I TRIMMED. That bothered me. I mean, I love Makorra and I ship them always, but I wish they hadn’t made Mako essentially a cheater.
      You know that I was DYING all over the place during these eps. I cried a bunch of times, but I really lost it when Tarrlok blew up the boat. I mean…HONESTLY. That tear on Noatak’s face seriously broke me. I was both surprised and slayed in the best way by how emotionally intense this show was. It’s not the way I think of Saturday morning cartoons. But I loved it and its complexity.
      Speaking of emotional intensity, it never crossed my mind while watching that Korra was thinking of jumping. Like, not once. I just felt like she was super devastated, and if she was thinking of jumping she wouldn’t have sat down? I was so sad for her and her lost bending that I wasn’t really thinking in that vein at that moment.
      As for the good stuff, well, YOU KNOW. All that Makorra action was so sweet and awesome. I loved the looks that Mako kept giving her when she did something incredible: awe, pride, love. It was fantastic. Also, I’m dying to see what happens with Bumi. He looked FUN.

      • trippingbooks June 30, 2012 at 9:54 am #

        So, correcting myself. There’s no Zuko in that Fire and Blood picture. WHATEVER. STILL AWESOME EVEN THOUGH AZULA WAS CRAY.

  2. megtao June 28, 2012 at 5:06 pm #


    • trippingbooks June 30, 2012 at 9:43 am #

      THAT’S EXCTLY IT. The story was full-circle, and awesome to boot. I’m so glad they’re doing more, though, because I need some more Bumi and Iroh, who I’m convinced will wind up with Asami.

  3. rubybastille June 28, 2012 at 6:25 pm #

    Two theories, one about Noatak and one about Korra. First up, my friends and I have pretty much agreed that Noatak knew Tarrlok was going to kill him. Maybe he didn’t plan it, and maybe he didn’t neecessarily want it, but after all his badassery, it’s pretty certain he could have stopped Tarrlok if he wanted to. And he didn’t. So…even darker. :-/

    Second theory: Korra was probably gonna jump off that cliff. Aang seriously screwed up the world by disappearing and failing to do his duties as Avatar – well, without her bending, Korra CAN’T do her duties as Avatar, and the best thing she could do at that point was restart the Avatar cycle with a new Avatar who could still wield all the elements. AKA by dying. WEIRD AND SAD AND SO VERY DARK, but tell me why else they’d have a first-person POV of her tear falling dowwwnnn the cliff.

    Which leads to one of my favorite moments of the season, when Aang shows up with all the past Avatars, who are all like, “seriously, this is not even a problem. Come here, ~poof~, now you’re Avatar again! Okay?”

    (Also, y’all, there IS a second season happening. Lord knows who the villain is supposed to be, but hey, MORE KORRA.)

    • trippingbooks June 30, 2012 at 9:51 am #

      You know, I can totally see your argument about Noatak, but while I was watching I had the opposite impression. I felt like he was kind of relieved to have made it away and was looking forward to starting over again with his brother and he was crying because he was getting a chance to redo some things. But he would always have his “gifts”, so I’m not surprised that Tarrlok knew the only way to make sure nothing like Amon ever happened again was to take him out. SO DEVASTATING.
      And I swear, Korra jumping never occurred to me. I saw that first-person POV of the tear as some kind of parallel between her tear and the water because she was a water bender. I don’t know. It’s a weak argument, lol. But I never thought she was going to jump. Although I can see why so many people think so. GAH! That would have been THE WORST!
      That part with Aang was LEGIT. I even screencapped that shot of him and all the Avatars in the Avatar state but didn’t use it. So awesome. I LOVED LOVED LOVED that Korra restored Beifong’s bending. God, I love Beifong.
      I can’t wait for season 2. More Bumi, please!!

  4. Lisa June 28, 2012 at 9:49 pm #

    There are no words for how happy I am that you watched this show and fell in love and obsession and crazypants for it. I LOVE IT SO MUCH AND ALSO YOU!

    And now you have time to watch all of Avatar so you can appreciate Zuko’s voice coming back and the craziness of Bumi! BAHAHAHAHA!

    But really I cried a lot during this episode. A lot.

    • trippingbooks June 30, 2012 at 9:53 am #

      Lisa, I am so incredibly glad that you were like, “AMY. WHAT ARE YOU DOING NOT WATCHING KORRA. IT IS SO YOUR JAM.” Because it is, and I love that you knew it would be before I did. I cried so many times.
      I loved hearing Zuko’s voice! I especially loved Iroh and am looking forward to more of him. And seriously, who can’t wait for some of that brotherly banter between Tenzin and Bumi? I know I can’t. <33

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