The Legend of Korra Recap: Turning the Tides

20 Jun

Legend of Korra

Season 1, Episode 10

The Skinny: Legend of Korra is absolutely SPEEDING towards its conclusion, friends. So much so that I don’t know how I can possibly call this litte part of my recap “The Skinny” because in reality, it’s more like “The Morbidly Obese.” SO MUCH goes on in each new ep that I can’t help thinking of one word: snowball. But in as short as possible, here’s what’s hanging in the balance for “Turning the Tides”: There’s trouble in Hoe Cake’s paradise, because Mako has basically shown his hand when it comes to his feelings for Korra. He just hasn’t admitted it yet. Korra is recovering from her kidnapping at the hands of Tarrlok, who lost his bending when Amon–AMON!–showed up at his lair where he was keeping Korra and gave him the Thumb of Doom (this is what I call that moment when Amon puts his thumb on bender’s foreheads and saps their bending). War between the Equalists and benders is imminent. As in, it’s basically started already. 

The Setup: I’m going to TRY to keep this as brief as possible but DANG GUYS!! ALL THE THINGS keep happening to Team Avatar and friends! Last week, Korra was kidnapped by Tarrlok and kept in a shack in the mountains. Tarrlok imprisoned Korra in a metal box barely big enough for her to stand in because he’s a giant tool. This fact is solidified when, back in Republic City, he drops a steaming pile of MAD LIES on everyone, saying that Korra was kidnapped by Equalists, who then attacked Tarrlok and left him beaten and unconscious. Beifong hears the news that the Avatar has been taken and goes to bust Mako, Bolin, and Hoe Cake out of jail so that they can all go looking for Korra, albiet in the wrong places. Guys, Mako IS NOT CALM AT ALL about Korra’s abduction. I totally called this, but I’m not bragging (maybe a little). Hoe Cake recognizes his reaction as “OMG, my one true love has been taken from me, but I hope I am not too late to save her so that we can be together forever!”

Back at the shack, Korra has some more visions of Aang that eventually lead her to understand something about Tarrlok: he is the son of a ruined mob boss who could blood bend at will. She’s ruined his plans to run the city that his father lost, and after Team Avatar realizes his lie, he goes to get Korra and run away. BUT THEN AMON SHOWS UP AND RESISTS TARRLOK’S BLOOD BENDING AND TAKES IT AWAY FROM HIM AND THEN TRIES TO TAKE KORRA BUT SHE GETS AWAY. Naga saves her and takes her back to Republic City, and into the wide open, waiting arms of Mako, who looks like he would have literally DIED to save her. Guys, I love them. Onto the next one, folks. 

The Breakdown: Deep breaths. Ok. Guys? This is the episode where BIG SHIZZ happens. We’ve basically been gearing up for what happens this week all season, and the best part is WE STILL GET MORE. I cannot stress to you how amazing these last few episodes have been. Let’s get into it.

The recap this week is basically The Tales of Amon the Evil Freaky Face, and it reminds us of all of his evil-doing, as well as the evil-doing of his minion, Mr. Sato, aka Hoe Cake’s dad. Also, those robots have a name! Who knew? They’re called Mecha tanks. Good to know.

So, Korra is back on Air Temple Island, recovering from her ordeal by sleeping it off. She’s had it rough lately, guys. Mako is sitting at her bedside. GUYS!! He’s watching her sleep in a legit not creepy way and then he does this:

Legend of Korra


OMG I DIE. So sweet. The only poison in the honeypot? Hoe Cake is looking on from the doorway and she looks so heartbroken. Just because I don’t ship her and Mako doesn’t mean that I don’t feel terrible for the girl.

Later that evening at dinner, everyone is glad to have Korra safely back on Air Temple Island. She’s HOUSING some of Pema’s home cooking while Mako sits next to her. While Pema and Hoe Cake start cleaning up, Korra gives Tenzin, Beifong, Mako, and Bolin the 411: Tarrlok is Yakkone’s son, and a blood bender. Or, well, he WAS a blood bender until Amon captured him and took his bending away. Everyone is FREAKED THE EFF OUT that Amon showed up at all and is growing bolder by the minute. This is when Tenzin utters this line that is one of those LOL “Thanks for pointing that out, CAPTAIN OBVIOUS” things when he says he “fears Amon is entering his endgame.” DUH. But true.

In the kitchen, Pema and Hoe Cake are cleaning up when Pema has some pains. Dear Baby Airbender, this is a VERY BAD time to be born. Please slam on the breaks. Thank you. Anyway, Mako comes in to ask for more hot water for Korra’s tea. To be honest, guys, he kind of demands it. Hoe Cake snippily tells him to boil the water himself because he’s a fire bender. Pema leaves the kids to it, and they have THE TALK. Doesn’t go well. Hoe Cake asks Mako if he has feelings for Korra, and Mako basically says that Korra was going through something dangerous and horrible and that OF COURSE he would have worried about anyone in that sitch. Basically avoiding the question by answering a slightly different one. THEN she brings up the kiss, and Mako gets all annoyed/flustered. Mako wants to hold off talking about it further until after all the drama settles, but Hoe Cake says there might not be any relationship to talk about after. Uh oh. And also, YAY!

Legend of Korra

Mako needs some relationship advice, guys. Here’s mine: It’s OVER with Hoe Cake. Get thee to KORRA!

Friends, one of my FAVORITE things about these last few eps–aside from Makorra, OBVS–is this nice little friendship between Beifong and Tenzin. I love how loyal they are to each other, especially because I don’t get any weird “let’s get back together” vibes from them. Just old friends being badasses together. Tenzin, knowing that he needs to go handle some things with the council, asks Beifong to stay and look after his family. She agrees. This is BEFORE she realizes what this entails, though, and I LOVED and LOLed at the thought of Beifong giving Meelo a bath. HA! HAHAHA!! Those two.

Next we see two people talking. One of them is a council member, who is apparently NOT mute. Two SHADY guys show up at her house and electrocute her, taking her away. Same deal happens to Tenzin as he approaches City Hall, except he gets away like a BAMF. A legit BAMF. Guys, someone is going after the council members. Tarrlok’s aide shows up and tells Tenzin that all of the council members have been taken and that Tenzin is the boss now. WHEW. THEN some of Amon’s airships show up and explosions go off all over the city.

Republic City is under attack. Tarrlok’s aide is MELODRAMATIC to the extreme, guys, and I LOLed a little bit. But still, true. A tragic day indeed.

On the airships we meet up with Mr. Sato, who is super bf’s with Amon now. Mr. Sato is looking at a picture of his family, no doubt fueling his hate for benders by seeing his wife. He says he’s been waiting for this day for a long time. Amon agrees. It’s time for the Equalists to claim Republic City for themselves. BOOM. END GAME IS HAPPENING, friends.

Republic City is in ruins. SAD DAY. Korra and Team Avatar are in the city to help in any way they can. They find their car and things get a little AWKWARD. Mako and Hoe Cake have issues, man. You know things are bad when your girl FORCES you out of shotgun in her car. Dang.

At police headquarters, we’ve got trouble. Attacks everywhere, danger, destruction. The rescue ships the police are trying to call in have been sabotaged. Tenzin shows up and says, “This is a case for the General of the United Forces.” OH MAN! SOUNDS LEGIT. But then things get hairy, and a gas starts coming in through the vents. Amon’s trying to smoke ’em out, yo. They evacuate…and are surrounded by the Mecha tanks. Tenzin tries to withstand them, but all the metal benders are taken, including the Chief of Police, Saikhan. It’s Tenzin vs, like 5 of these things. He holds his own like a BAMF, but eventually he falls and hits his head. The robots descend on him. It’s looking for real DIRE.

But then! Team Avatar shows up, and they take out the robots. Well, Mako gets electrocuted, but somehow withstands it and sends the shocks back to the robot. Guys, HE’S CONTROLLING LIGHTENING HOLY EFF. Bolin and Korra take the rest of them out, while Hoe Cake saves Tenzin with her glove. Seriously. She takes out a gaggle of chi blockers by herself, just as Tenzin is about to be taken away.

Observing from above is Amon and Mr. Sato. Mr Sato is bummed that Hoe Cake is fighting with the benders. Like, “wah, wah, wah, my daughter is fighting for the NONEVIL people. *sad face*” Amon assures him that they’ll capture the benders before long and he’ll have his daughter back soon. DUN DUN DUUUNNN.

AND THEN OMG JUST AS THINGS ARE LOOKING a lit but up, TENZIN AND TEAM AVATAR SEE ONE OF AMON’S AIRSHIPS APPROACHING AIR TEMPLE ISLAND WHERE IT DOCKS AND DROPS OFF CHI BLOCKERS. It’s just some guards, Beifong, the kids, and Pema, who says, “GREAT time to have a baby, I think” and promptly goes into labor. GUYS. OMG. O.M.G.

Air Temple Island is under attack. There’s chi blockers all over the place. Beifond stands there like a MOTHER CUSSING BAMF and goes after a whole crew of them herself. I seriously love her. Meanwhile, Pema is in the early stages of labor. (WORST timing ever.) Beifong is electrocuted and is looking altogether beaten. Until JONORA SAVES HER. THEN IKKI COMES AND HELPS TOO. MEELO, snot nose, takes out a few as well. GUYS, THE KIDS SAVE THE DAY. I die.

Tenzin makes it home and Beifong tells him that the kids saved her and it’s a nice heartwarming moment in the eye of the storm. Because not only did the kids kick ass and take names, Pema has delivered a son, Rohan. (I will henceforth shout “ROHIRRIM!!!” whenever this child is shown/mentioned. I must.) It’s a sweet family scene and I loved it.Until Korra arrives and says that there are more airships coming.

And there are. Tenzin decides that they have no defense anymore. They all need to leave Air Temple Island. Beifong says that she will go with them to protect the last airbenders. Tenzin tells Korra to hide for now, and wait for the United Forces to show up. She bristles, but agrees to stay below the radar. For now. As Tenzin and his family leave, two airships go after them. The rest of the airships descend on Air Temple Island. Korra, Mako, Bolin, and Hoe Cake get on Naga to leave as well. The chi blockers move in on the remaining guards, who are taking one for the team so the Avatar can get away. I can’t lie: This is the SHIZZ that chokes me up, y’all.

Legend of Korra

WTF NAGA IS AWESOME!!!! OMG I LOVE HER. She leaps like a badass into the sky and takes out a chi blocker. Then she goes under water. Naga.

The airships are gaining on Tenzin and his family. You can almost feel that a MOMENT is upon us, guys. And what do you know: Beifong gives Tenzin and his family a long look, and tells them to keep going no matter what happens to her. She metal bends onto the airships and leaves them. *sniffle* But it’s apparent that she only left them to be a MOTHER EFFING BADASS. She takes one of the airships out with her metal bending, and does a pretty good job on the other one before she’s taken by chi blockers. BEIFONG!! ILY FOREVER. I feel like she’s such a badass that I might have to start writing her name ONLY in CAPSLOCK. BEIFONG. YOU ARE THE BEST. Meelo says that Beifong is his hero. Tenzin and the WHOLE WORLD agrees. GUYS. I AM FULL OF SADS AND WORRY. All of the sacrifice GOT ME.

Legend of Korra


Korra and Team Avatar are in the sewers under Republic City, where they will try to hide this one out a little while.

Beifong is back on Air Temple Island. Amon is there. Saying he’ll take her bending unless she tells him where the Avatar is. She says “NO WAY BASTARD.” I’m seriously welling up and filling with anger right now. Beifong loses her bending. She sacrifices her bending for the Avatar and for Tenzin, her once love. SIGH. BEIFONG!

BUT YO. Here’s where shizz goes to the NEXT LEVEL. The last shot is of the United Forces fleet, where the wire Tenzin sent has finally arrived. A solider shares the news that Republic City is under attack from Equalists, and we pan up to see the General. WHO IS A HOTTIE. I mean, he’s no Mako. But he’s FINE. AND HIS NAME IS GENERAL IROH. HIS VOICE IS PRINCE ZUKO. He says that he’ll go back to Republic City to fight with the Avatar. Guys, this general is totally related to Fire Lord Zuko, but I don’t know how. Son?

Legend of Korra

Heeeeeeeyyy, Iroh!

I AM NOT CALM AT ALL RIGHT NOW, guys. I am anxious, and excited, and GAAAH!!!

Also, prediction: Iroh + Hoe Cake. Write it down.

The Lines: “That lady is my hero”–Meelo. #Trufax #Beifong

So. What do you guys think? Has this not been a KILLER build-up to what is, so far, a KILLER climax?! 


2 Responses to “The Legend of Korra Recap: Turning the Tides”

  1. reutreads June 21, 2012 at 9:54 pm #

    Yup, yup, Iroh II is Zuko’s grandson. MY BABIES!!! And everyone on tumblr is totally freaking out over Irohsami. Yup, that’s a thing. Thinking about Lin makes me emotional. Gotta go.

    But PS: Amon’s only supposed to be a one-season arc. You know what that means… 😉

  2. Lisa June 25, 2012 at 12:35 am #

    I seriously died when I met Ihro. Mainly because it’s Zuko’s voice (who is my all time FAVORITE OMGGGG)

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