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Tripping Over February

31 Jan

New books that are on their way this month!

Looking forward to some SUPER FANTASTIC stuff this month, y’all! Here’s a taste of the new books coming out in February!

As always, click on the covers to head on over to each book’s Goodreads page.

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Top Ten Tuesday (12)

31 Jan

Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Book Club Books

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. It’s awesome. Every Tuesday, the lovely folks over at The Broke and the Bookish post a top ten list topic so that book lovers like you and me can pour over our shelves and make our own lists. You can check out all the other Top Ten Tuesday‘s on their site!


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Excuse Me While I Fangirl: Fantasy World

30 Jan

Sigh. This makes me so happy. First of all, look at all these amazing, imaginative places that I LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! Second of all, it’s a MAP. I am a nerd about maps. Terabithia? And Where the Wild Things Are? *happy dance* Also, Sodor! What up, Thomas the Tank Engine! Fantasy is AMAZING, guys.

In My Mailbox (12)

29 Jan

January 29, 2012

In My Mailbox is a weekly meme hosted by Kristi over at The Story Siren. It’s awesome. Every week, we all get a chance to tell everyone what new books we’ve gotten so that we can tell you guys and we can all drool and squee together! Huzzah for squees!

Good stuff this week, my loves. Without further ado…


I Am (Not) The Walrus, by Ed Briant (July 8, 2012 from Flux Books). I LOVE books about bands. Also, I love the Beatles. I AM (NOT) THE WALRUS is about BOTH, where the lead singer of a Beatles cover band goes on a search for his mojo so that he can sing about love from REAL LIFE. Sounds cute and music-geeky. Woot!

Hollyweird, by Terri Clark (May 8, 2012 from Flux Books). In which a HOT, young Hollywood star is also the son of Satan, and a young girl wins a date with him. Things become complicated, though, by an IRL angel, and thus a love triangle of good and evil is born! This one sounds fun! I like that it’s not a heavy take on angels. Or devils for that matter.

Ferocity Summer, by Alissa Grosso (May 8, 2012 from Flux Books). So, I’m a Jersey homer, guys. I always get a little extra geeky when I read books that take place here. Usually, they’re cute contemporaries or some other funny, lighter story. But FEROCITY SUMMER brings the serious: The main character, Scilla, is on trial for her role in a deadly speedboat accident, and her bff is falling into a downward spiral of drug abuse, using this new drug called Ferocity. There’s an FBI agent, too, looking to make THE big bust. I’m really looking forward to this one.


Everneath: Everneath #1, by Brodi Ashton (January 24, 2012 from Balzer + Bray). Been waiting on this one, friends. I’m a sucker for myths of ANY culture, and I’m just as big a sucker for retellings of those myths. EVERNEATH is a reimagining of the Persephone story and sounds AWESOME. Like a paranormal mythological mash-up. Can’t wait to dive in!

Did you guys get anything awesome in your mailboxes this week?

Five-Star Friday: A Monster Calls

27 Jan

Five-Star Friday is a periodically regular (say what?!) feature that I’m planning on running on Fridays (but not every Friday) in which I talk about (or verbally drool over) a book that I’ve read and ADORED (sometimes they’ll be recent releases and other times they might be older…my piles are tall and the bottoms are old). Yay! I always feel so happy and light and wonderful when I am beside myself with delight over a book, and I want to share the love with you all in the hopes that we can all get together and have an embarrassing, squeal-filled love-fest full of lots of high-pitched “Ohmygod, I KNOW!s” and chest-clutching sighs of contentedness. Huzzah!*

Well, HELLOOOOO, Five-Star Friday!! Been awhile, no? I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me. I hadn’t realized that I’d merely been waiting to read Patrick Ness’ devastatingly gorgeous A MONSTER CALLS first.

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